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Our Staff

Contact Grant Azevedo  Grant Azevedo (707) 894-1940 6th Grade Teacher
Contact Sean Ballard  Sean Ballard (707) 894-1941 8th Grade Science Teacher
Contact Casey Berry  Casey Berry (707) 894-1943 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Contact Mac Butler  Mac Butler (707) 894-1940 7th-8th PE Teacher
Contact Kristine Cain  Kristine Cain (707) 894-1944 5th-6th Grade STEAM / 8th Grade Yearbook
Contact Steve Cannon  Steve Cannon (707) 894-1945 8th Grade English Teacher
Contact Anna DeLaney  Anna DeLaney (707) 894-1930 Music Teacher
Contact Maria Dilley  Maria Dilley (707) 894-1940 ex: 2003 Speech and Language Pathology
Contact Zachary Edwards  Zachary Edwards (707) 894-1940 5th-8th ELD Teacher
Contact Lisa Fogg  Lisa Fogg (707) 894-1950 5th Grade Teacher
Contact Carly Graves  Carly Graves (707) 894-1940 5th Grade Teacher
Contact LeAnn Henrie  LeAnn Henrie (707) 894-1951 7th Grade Social Studies
Contact Angela Hetrick  Angela Hetrick (707) 894-1952 8th Grade Math
Contact Hayley Huff  Hayley Huff (707) 894-1940 7th-8th Spanish Teacher
Contact Melissa Jenkins  Melissa Jenkins (707) 894-1940 Counselor
Contact Maribeth Kelly  Maribeth Kelly (707) 894-1953 7th Grade Science
Contact Danielle Lambert  Danielle Lambert (707) 894-1940 6th Grade Teacher
Contact Mark Lucchetti  Mark Lucchetti (707) 894-1940 Principal
Contact Lawrence Mincey  Lawrence Mincey (707) 894-1940 5th-8th PE Teacher
Contact Janel Morris  Janel Morris (707) 894-1957 6th Grade Teacher
Contact John Ortiz  John Ortiz (707) 894-1956 Vice-Principal
Contact James Pennington  James Pennington (707) 894-1940 7th Grade English Teacher
Contact Denee Rebottaro  Denee Rebottaro (707) 894-1940 Secretary II
Contact Laura Rigby  Laura Rigby (707) 894-1962 7th Grade Math Teacher
Contact Telena Robertson  Telena Robertson (707) 894-1966 6th Grade Teacher
Contact Daisy Ruvalcaba-Lopez  Daisy Ruvalcaba-Lopez (707) 894-1945 Administrative Assistant
Contact Erika Sauder  Erika Sauder (707) 894-1940 5th Grade Teacher
Contact Austin Schmidt  Austin Schmidt (707) 894-1940 5th-8th Reading Intervention Teacher
Contact Molly Seavey  Molly Seavey (707) 894-1962 Health Tech III
Contact Margaret Shafer  Margaret Shafer (707) 894-1940 Custodian
Contact Whitney Westfall  Whitney Westfall (707) 894-1940 5th Grade Teacher