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Staff Directory

Superintendent Office
Contact Betha MacClain  Betha MacClain (707) 894-1993 Superintendent
Contact Kathleen Bunting  Kathleen Bunting (707) 894-1993 Executive Assistant
Business Office 
Contact Patricia Mills  Patricia Mills (707) 894-1999 Chief Business Official
Contact Janet Anguiano  Janet Anguiano (707) 894-1998 Human Resources/Accounting Technician
Contact Claudia Calderon  Claudia Calderon (707) 894-1970 Payroll and Accounting Technician
Food Services Office
Contact Alyce Hernandez  Alyce Hernandez (707) 894-1912 Cafeteria Manager
Maintenance, Operations, and Transportation Office
Contact Rick Scaramella  Rick Scaramella (707) 894-1996 Maintenance, Operations & Transportation Director
Contact Stefani Wright  Stefani Wright (707) 894-1905 Transportation Coordinator
Education Services Office
Contact Juana Gonzalez  Juana Gonzalez (707) 894-1988 Translator
Contact Martha Gonzalez  Martha Gonzalez (707) 894-1915 ELD Coordinator
Special Education Office
Contact Stephanie Alexander  Stephanie Alexander (707) 894-1994 Director of SPED
Contact Nancy Gromo  Nancy Gromo (707) 894-1969 Special Education Admin Assistant
Contact Ana-Luisa Kohls  Ana-Luisa Kohls (707) 894-1903 School Psychologist
Contact John Walsh  John Walsh (707) 894-1903 School Psychologist
Technology Office
Contact Luis Camacho  Luis Camacho (707) 894-1976 Director of Technology
Contact Kathleen Bradford  Kathleen Bradford (707) 894-1997 SIS & CALPADS Administrator/ IT Specialist
Contact Carlos Jimenez  Carlos Jimenez (707) 894-1934 IT Support Specialist