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Letters of Recommendation

  • Ask for LOR well in advance (at least 2 full weeks, but ideally 1 month in advance)
  • Ask in person and follow up with an email (including the due date, what the recommendation is for, and if they require it a resume/ letter of recommendation request form)
  • Ask a teacher who knows you and your work well, make sure you know what they require from you (a resume, a brag sheet, etc.) See this example.
  • One week prior to the deadline, politely remind your recommender in person or through email
  • Write your teacher a hand-written thank you note.  It takes a lot of time to write a thorough and thoughtful LOR.
  • If you require a LOR from your counselor, you must fill out this brag sheet (make a copy of it, title it YOUR NAME, and email me once you've finished it)