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Academic Support

Math Tutoring

Math support is available for all students after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  
Tuesdays from 3:30-5 with Ms. DuVander in Room 8
Thursdays from 3:30-5 with Mr. C in Room 25

Cyber High

Cyber High is an accredited online Credit Recovery program. Students take Cyber High to make up credits for failed classes. Students can also retake A-G classes on Cyber High to make up a grade needed for a 4-year university.  Please note that Cyber High does not meet NCAA eligibility.  

Mondays with Mr. Cogorno in Room 20
To enroll: Students must get an application from the front office.  

Additional Support

5th Period Academic Support- Get clarification and ask questions during 5th period. If you need to speak to another teacher- ask for a pass! 
Tutoring at Cloverdale Library- Homework help on Tuesdays, online tutoring available daily 
English as a Second Language- Free Courses at Washington School
Santa Rosa Junior College Math Tutors

SRJC Dual Enrollment

Taking a class at a community college give you both high school and college credit. And the courses are usually free for high school students. 
Check out SRJC's website for more information. ​

1. Complete Open CCC and SRJC applications; see SRJC Application Process for High School Students
2. Complete Dual Enrollment Form
3. Submit Dual Enrollment Form

Spring SRJC Workshops:

Application Workshop 
March 28th, 11:45-12:45pm in the CHS library
Sign up in the front office

Enrollment Appointments (seniors ONLY*)
May 2nd, 11am-1 pm in the front office
Sign up for an appointment in the front office
*Must have completed Coun 270 and met with a counselor at SRJC

Enrollment Appointments (all)
May 9th, 11am-1 pm in the front office
Sign up for an appointment in the front office
*Must have completed Dual Enrollment Form and submitted it at least one week prior.